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Last updated July 17, 2016

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Leo is looking for a 1928/29 Flatback pickup or Double A

The Pacific Model A Club has developed plans for a Model A wheel straightener.  Please contact us for details

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Needs and Leads Dave Gazo is looking for a 1931 right front fender

PMAC has baseball caps with the club logo for $20.00.  We also have videos of Model A restoration tips.

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Contact Us Jim Sinclair is looking for a truck lid and lower panel hinges for a 1928/29 coupe. A new sandblasting shop has opened in Aldergrove.  If your part can fit in a 8x10 ft room and through a mandoor this may be the place to go.  Give my friend Mike Boles a call at 604-551-4213    
  Dave Waters has a friend looking for door latches for a 1928 Tudor

Ann Kirk is selling Herb's 9128 Roadster.  Contact Ann or Richard for more information 


  Colin Blair has a friend looking for a 1930.31 Tudor body. Ann Kirk is also selling a visible BA gas pump as well as a 1960's square type "Homes" gas pump.  She also has a complete set of the Restorer and Model A News for sale.  
    Gerry Bell has a lead on two 84" metal lathes, a band saw and a welder.


    1930's Stewart & Warner South Wind Model 780 Car Heater.  Comes with vacuum kit and fuel line kit No. 30.  Best offer. Call Ray at 604-866-8045.